Trust Jacker Review

See Trust Jacker The new software from Rob Jones and Gerry Cramer, called Trust Jacker, allows you to literally highjack the trust and influence of high authority sights.

Trust Jacker Review

 A Trust Jacker Review by Someone Who’s Actually Used It

Ok, so why I would bother writing a Trust Jacker review?  Honestly, I see an awful lot of Internet Marketing products come across my desk each and every day.  The vast majority of them, quite frankly, are shit!

trust-jacker-rob-jonesYou know the type I’m talking about  – the WSO’s with outdated techniques that haven’t worked in years, the plugins that become completely useless when WordPress gets an update 2 months later, those automated-push-a-single-button-and-make-a-million-in-a-week-with-no-work-at-all type BS software that makes money only for the marketer selling it, etc., etc.

Then, occasionally there are the rare products that actually do what they claim or have some tips that are actually useful if applied.  These are few and far between, but it does happen. I get excited when I see a new spin on a technique, or a plugin that actually gets updated so that its lifespan is longer than a month or two.

And then, every once in a great while, a product comes out that absolutely blows me away!  This does not happen often, but it has happened with Gerry Cramer & Rob Jones’ new software called ‘Trust Jacker’.  This software will give you a whole new way to monetize what you are already doing online now!  Yep, that sounds mighty bold, but I know it works.  Because I’ve used it and seen it work myself. That is why I decided to write this Trust Jacker review.

Trust Jacker Takes Advantage of the Authority and Credibility of Major Websites

What if you could place an ad on any website you want?  Well, you can with Trust Jacker!  There are literally untold hundreds or even thousand of way that you can use this amazing software to make money.

Let me ask you a quick question.  Let’s say you are trying to find out more about the new iPad Air.  If you are on some small unknown site, and you get a popup when you exit that asks for your email address for a chance to win the new iPad, how likely are you to enter your email?  If you are like most people, probably not very likely.

But, what if you were reading an article about the iPad Air on the New York Times tech page, and got that same popup?  Wouldn’t you be much more likely to enter your email, simply because of the AUTHORITY of the New York Times?  OK, so you are a sceptic who never gives out you email address, fine.  But, the majority of web users will be infinitely more inclined to give the “New York Times” their email address.  The contest must be legit, it’s on the Times, right?

It is that authority, trust and credibility of major sites like New York Times, or WebMD, or Forbes or any other authority site, that makes them MAJOR INFLUENCERS in consumer decisions.  They influence people TO BUY!

How cool, and profitable, would it be if you could tap into that authority and influence?  That is exactly what Trust Jacker allows you to do. Read the rest of this Trust Jacker review to learn how.

So How Does Trust Jacker Work?

Trust Jacker lets you post links to ANY authority website from Facebook, Twitter, any forum, your own blog or someone else’s
or from any other page you like.  So what, right?  Well, these are not ordinary link, they are Trust Jacker links, stocked with an evil, delicious little twist ;)

Initially, when the user clicks the link and reads the page you sent them to, everything is normal.  BUT…

When the user starts to exit the page or close the browser, they will get an unblockable popup that is UNDER YOUR CONTROL!

A Review of Trust Jacker

Imagine the POWER of this!  You can serve up ANYTHING you want in that popup!  Affiliate offers, CPA ads (my fav), opt-in or lead pages, video sales pages, ANYTHING!  You can use an iFrame of a CPA landing page, or a product sales page with your affiliate links. Or show your opt-in page offering a gift related to the niche you are promoting, and watch your subscriber list grow.


These aren’t tiny pop-windows like you see with CPV/PPV ads; Trust Jacker places your ads OVER THE CONTENT of these high authority sites.  Are you beginning to see how powerful and profitable this can be?

You could, in effect, send a visitor to a popular article or trending post  on a site like WebMD or Oprah or or Dr. Oz or  ANY high authority site.  When they start to exit (or after a specific time) the are served your popup pushing whatever you choose!

Is this sinking in?  I literally keep coming up with new uses for it! I will be adding more articles in addition to the Trust Jacker review articles, focusing on more ways to use the software.

Wow, OK, Tell How to Make Money with Trust Jacker

Better yet, I’ll tell you how I already DID make money with Trust Jacker.   You see Rob actually did a ‘pre-release’ of this software before making it available to the general public.  I was fortunate enough to get my hands on one of these early copies, and could not believe tghe sheer genius of the concept, as well as the ease of use.

I am not going to give away all my secrets ;) but here is one example of a way I used the early version.  Do you remember when the iPhone 4S came out, and there were rumors of an issue with the camera?

It was trending pretty high for a short time, so using Trust Jacker, I sent users to an article on Forbes in the tech section that discussed this issue. is obviously a very high authority site, and people interested in this article would generally fall into two categories: people who had the iPhone 4S, or people who were considering BUYING one.

Do you think those people considering buing an iPhone 4S would be interested in an opportunity to get one for free?  Of course.  Will they give up their email for a chance?  Again, yes, some will.

But when I used Trust Jacker to have my popup (a CPA offer)  show up over the Forbes article, the conversion rate was MUTIPLE TIMES higher than I could ever even hope for in a more traditional ad campaign.  The credibility of lent credibility to the offer. Powerful stuff here!

Here’s another idea.   Remember the green coffee bean extract craze?  It was a huge weight loss market, which took off after being promoted on the Dr. Oz show,  and even still has some sporadic interest.  I got in on that one late, but still mangaged to make a chunk of change.

Again, not giving away any secrets here, but hypothetically, imagine you had a popup promoting a green coffee bean CPA offer that paid $60 per conversion.  Imagine that window popped over, hypothetically,  a video by Dr. Oz on the Dr. Oz site with Dr. Oz himself promoting the virtues of green coffee bean extract. Do you think that could be profitable?  You bet your ass!

OK, one more idea.  Suppose you were promoting a green energy type product as an affiliate.  How many new subscribers do you think you could get with a popup on Mother Earth News or over an article on solar power in the science section on  If you offered a free report on solar energy at home, or regular updates on the latest in solar technology, don’t you think the readers would subscribe to your list?   And as they say, the money is in the list!

Here’s a link to the video from the creators:

Trust Jacker Review VideoWatch the Video Above

I hope my Trust Jacker Review gave you an idea of what this software can do. I’ll be adding more info soon.  Obviously, I’m a huge believer in this product.  So don’t miss out, grab your copy today, and let’s make some money!



Video for Trust Jacker Review Site

Every Trust Jacker review site seems to need a video, so I put a rather unconventional video together.  I enjoy doing off the wall things with videos, rather than doing a straight power point type presentation.  Like with the video below, I really did not do a “conventional” Trust Jacker Review, but did give some information and showed the viewer weher to get more info on Trust Jacker.

Here’s the video:


For my full Trust Jacker Review, click this link.